Castle Bromwich Gardens 19 August 2022 Dan’s Birthday

It was Dan’s 10th birthday, and Paula had booked a Family Bushcraft Session at Castle Bromwich Gardens, a rural site in the city specialising in events.

Puala, Dan, Mila and I (Geoff) took part but pressure of work (University Clearing) meant that Rich couldn’t make it. Three other families also took part.

The children were involved and guided in:

  • What to gather which is of use in survival in the wild
  • Hut building from tree branches and leaves
  • Use of a sharp knife to create tools from branches
  • creating a fire without matches, etc.

Dan had done his homework and had studied his book “Boys Book of Survival” and, helpfully, used his knowledge to prompt the event leader to make sure he mentioned important aspects.

The children were given the opportunity to try out all activities and enthusiastically enjoyed doing so.

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