Christmas 2020 Meeting the Families

Most of the areas around Birmingham are in Tiers 2 or 3 of the Covid_ 19 virus restrictions. This prohibited indoor meetings of families and travelling between Tier areas to see them.

Unfortunately most of our families live in separeted Tier areas so meetings have been few and far between to stay within the law.

We did plan to get together over the two weeks surrunding Christmas and New Year but this was changed by vast escalation of infections, augmented by the Covid_19 variant which was gaining ground rapidly and causing more rapid infections.

The following meetings were made on the dates and places shown below.

Note: We had planned to meet Charlie. Michael and family on 28 December but we had to postpone it due to Covid restrictions. Photos from a rescheduled visit will be added later.

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Saturday 26 December – Rich, Paula & Dandan

We met at Hillfield Park in Solihull. On arrval it was clear that ay others had used the day to meet and pre-empt the pending anouncement of further covid restrictions on meeting people. So we had to keep our wits about us to ensure social distancing.


Sunday 27 December – Jonathan, Sam & Henry

We had planned to meet at Cosford Grange, where a lovely forest walk we had walked through with the family several years ago. But, as the weather had been very wet and I was forced to wear open toed sandals (due to recovering from surgery on a ingrowing toenail) we decided to walk around the grounds of Haughton Grange round th corner from Jonathan and Ruth’s.

Sam was conspicuous by wearing the minimum ofclothing as is his wont, apparently, Oh! How he has grown in height since we last saw him. Henry was his own man, as usual, playful and full of freindliness as was Sam.