Historical Family Photos

The photos below were taken in Katherine and Mike’s garden on 24/08/2015.

From left with DoB:

Bethany 05/03/2003 – Ellie  13/08/2003 – William 24/06/2005 – Sam 17/09/2009 –

Josh 05/08/2011- Dandan 09/05/2016 – Henry 04/02/20013 – Isabelle 11/09/13

Plus Mila (left) 09/05/2016




The pages linked to below contain galleries of photos from my physical photo archive.

These original prints have been scanned into digital format, and presented in the pages below in gallery format in bite size collections. They are of no specific order or date as my archives also lack this; there are very few dates on the prints or in the purchased envelopes, but where they are present they are included in captions below the images.

So you have to, and probably can, guess the name and age of the people and the location.

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