Liverpool Revisited – A visual Treat – The Photos

Here is a Google Earth image of the area covered in the photos below. (Click for a larger view.)

Below in a black and white version the route I took around the area. It is shown with yellow arrows. Groups of  photos along the way are located with letters A to M. Also shown are the names of some prominent buildings. Right click (or tap with two fingers in iphones and ipads, (Android I hope you know, I don’t ) to open this version in another window so you can readily refer to it as you view the Gallery below.


To view photos:

1. Display an enlarged gallery – Left Click on an image – use the large side arrows to move between images – Left Click outside an image or press ESC to close the enlarged gallery
2. View a larger version of a single image in a separate page – Right Click on the image then Left Click on “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”.