Monday 17 April 2017 at Karen & Geoff’s

The children were delighted to be given chocolate Easter Eggs on arrival – what a surprise!

Shortly after we had lunch – bruschettas followed by everyone’s reliably favoured Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Some chocolate was also administered to sweetened the palate just after.

To begin with the weather was fine but after lunch, unfortunately, it rained so a walk was impossible.

So, the children had to find their own amusements.

Josh is now so interested in iPads  and how a wireless keyboard could interact. He is so technically minded as can be seen from the fascination he shows in the photos below.

Isabelle is so cute and also played with an iPad. She is also very chatty and pleasant.

Bethany was more  lovely than ever but kept a low profile on thing as teenagers do.

I did the cooking and serving of course – sometimes I can be useful!


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