Monday 2 April 2018 at Geoff & Karen’s


Bethany unfortunately was indisposed so did not join us.

Wet and cold weather kept us indoors for the visit. Nevertheless Josh and Isabelle were in good spirits – lively cannot convey the fun they had to start with….running up and down the living room making as much noise as possible with their shoes slapping on the wooden floor!

It’s great to see how much energy young children have to get fun out of natural activities without commercial need.

Isabelle enjoyed colouring her Frozen colouring book and “riding” on the vibrating exercise machine.

Josh was curious about everything technical – mains connections and interconnections between our amplifiers, tuners, and cd players.
Then he, with my guidance, built a webpage and inserted it on the Internet. Charlie was then able to show it to him on her smartphone much to his glee! Click here to see his creation.

We ate my usual Focaccia hors d’oeuvres followed by Bolognese sauceĀ  with pasta – always a favourite with them so if it’s not broke why change it?

I took very few photos this time due to lack of scenic opportunity, but nevertheless they document the occasion.

All the plyers in these scenes look pretty good which is what will be great look back on.

Unfortunately, I’m missing – as usual.


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