Saturday 30 April 2016 at Winterbourne Gardens

Spring certainly had receded on this day when we visited the wonderful gardens in Edgbaston. We had many rain showers, but with some sunny periods. But the flowers were not yet on display….during May the Magnolias will be in full bloom followed by the Dahlias in July , which is when the gardens really come to spectacular life.

So, I’ve not included any shots of the gardens…I’ll leave this joy for later!

We had a light lunch in the café then did a quick tour of the gardens.

Dandan was in a very happy and playful mood, running around and covering what must be three times the distance that we more pedestrian souls did. He is 3 years 9 months old.

Paula was one week away from giving birth and was understandably awaiting the day. Nevertheless she was in good humour during viewing the gardens….what a Star!


Below is the usual gallery of photos.

The first three have been donated by Rich (plus a little editing by me) and are very good! It’s good to have me included for the archives.

The rest were taken by my new Canon G3x Camera, which will not be up to my usual SLR standard.

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