Performance Car Show January 2018


This show, also billed as Autosport International, was a huge and impressive.

The number and standard of exhibits of performance-enhanced cars was remarkable. Plus the live arena show was astounding – I’m glad we were seated way up high and some distance away from the intended aggressive driving of exhibitors cars around the Live Arena.

I travelled to the venue, Birmingham NEC, by train and met Rich and Dan there who had come there by car and parked in the Birmingham International station car park – a good ploy!

After a look around some of the stands we had a Starbucks snack lunch then visited the Live Arena. From our seats here we could appreciate the events but the lighting was poor and our panoramic views obstructed for the best photos to be taken.

This was followed by a visit to more stands with superbly prepared and engineered cars. I travelled back before Rich and Dan who then covered the unseen stands.


The taking of the photos in the galleries below are a combined effort by Rich and myself with me post editing and presenting them here.

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