Postponement of Introduction of 2-way Traffic on Grosvenor Street West

The Be Heard consultation on the “Sheepcote Street etc. bus lane scheme” closed 2 months ago,

There was a previous consultation which can be viewed here.

I used this recent one to create My Submission which agreed with the scheme and applauded the change to two-way traffic on Grosvenor Street West (the previous one retained the one way traffic and cycle way)..

On 22 August the results of this second consultation consultation and notification of intention to proceed was emailed to  those who had submitted to the consultation .

The email is shown below. Attached to this email  was a Word document entitled Summary of Objections – Sheepcote Street Etc. This can be viewed by clicking Summary of Objections – Sheepcote Street Etc .

The Summary of Objections – Sheepcote Street Etc document delayed the introduction of the two-way traffic implementation on Grosvenor Street West until the:

“Crest Nicholson development (corner of Sherborne Street/Grosvenor Street West) construction traffic management was completed (they are expected to remove their traffic management at the end of 2019).”

Only people who submitted their views to the Consultation will be aware of this postponement.

This would have serious consequences for local Residents in gaining access to their car parks.

NOTE: below are some maps and images to help with the clarity of my text below.

At best Residents travelling from the North via St Vincent Street would have to use Browning Street/Morville Street/Ryland Street to enter Broad Street and the Sheepcote Street.

But the use of the Ryland Street/Broad Street junction is not currently possible due to Metro works. This has been the case for most of the past year and may continue until the Centenary Square/Edgbaston metro extension is completed in 2021.

So, Residents would have to use the A4540 Ladywood Middleway ring road to then negotiate Five Ways island in order to enter Broad Street. This is really bad news because the queuing in the left hand lane for a turn into Broad Street or Islington Row is always extensive and much more in rush hours. This queuing will get far worse when the St Vincent Street/Sheepcote Street/Broad Street rat run is no longer available in mid September (works already well advanced).

I have looked at the Crest Nicholson development and no traffic management is apparent. Personally, I cannot see why any such management would affect two-way traffic along Grosvenor Street West. The traffic that would use  the Grosvenor Street West lane towards Sheepcote Street would most likely be mostly residents of the apartment blocks in Sheepcote Street and hence be minimal.

Also, delaying the two-way implementation until the end of 2019 will reduce its importance to the City road engineers – it will be off their radar –  and my guess is it will never be implemented!

Article by Geoff Caine

Below are some maps and photos to help with understanding my SITUATION descriptions above.

  1. Sheepcote Street layout plan showing the changes currently underway (apart from Grosvenor Street West).

2Google map of the area showing the Crest Nicholson building site.

3. Photo of Sherborne Street building site entrances. The first is 100 yards from Grosvenor Street West (in the background) and the question is does this have any effect on Grosvenor Street West traffic?
The second entrance is currently being used as shown because of road works outside the first entrance.

4. Photos of the Ryland Street/Broad Street junction taken this week.

5. Google Maps showing the typical concentration (speed) of traffic in the area at 5:30pm on a Thursday.
Sheepcote Street and Broad Street traffic colours will change after completion  of the “Sheepcote Street etc. bus lane scheme”.

From: Carolyn Harris
Sent: 22 August 2018 13:33
Subject: P0748 Sheepcote Street Etc – Proposed Traffic Regulation Order

Dear Mr Caine,

I would refer to previous correspondence regarding the above scheme and wish to advise you that notwithstanding the objections received, the Cabinet Member for Transport & Environment has made a decision to proceed with the Orders as advertised.

Please find attached a copy of the summary of objections and engineer’s response which formed part of the report considered by the Cabinet Member

It is anticipated works will begin on site in the near future.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Kind regards

Carolyn Harris

TRO Engineer

Transportation and Traffic Services
Transportation & Connectivity – Economy Directorate
Birmingham City Council
1 Lancaster Circus Queensway
PO Box 14439
Birmingham B2 2JE
(B4 7DJ for Satnav purposes)

Tel: 0121 675 6643



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