Saturday 28 October 2017 at Geoff & Karen’s


At last we have managed to get together again, the last time being in the middle of June. But, end to end holidays, and pressure of work by all (except me!) meant it was not possible over the Summer.

Both Josh and Isabell have grown into strikingly more mature children.

Josh had been to the barber’s earlier resulting in what I call a crew cut with spikey upright strands and looked very film-starish.

Isabelle had a more mature hair style with no parting or pigtails as in June. She really carried the style off well.

We had another of my variants on Bolognaise for lunch main course, you can’t go wrong with this as everyone likes Bolognaise (or else goes hungry!).

After we walked around Brindleyplace and enjoyed the fountains with all three children running around the water spouts and Bethany doing her acrobatics.

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