Saturday 28 September 2019 at Geoff & Karen’s – Charlie, Michael, Wendy, Josh, Isabelle, Karen and Geoff

Pity our guests got delayed for an hour before arriving, bad and frustrating luck for them. The good side is that Karen and I were able to relax for a while after dashing about to organise the apartment and cook the lunch.

Bethany couldn’t  join us – a great pity as we love to see her.

Lunch was cooked by me and was the now-customary (easier for G) – hors d’ouvre  FOCACIOS – then G’s speciality for main course  FUSILLI BOLOGNAISE  (the children’s’ favourite and usually appreciated by grown-ups as well, I hoped?)

After lunch we went  to Winterbourne Gardens for what was supposed to be a model steam exhibition. But due to our delay we only arrived at around 3:30pm when the closing was 4pm.

And , guess what. the exhibitors had largely packed up and gone home, mainly due to the poor weather forecast I suspect. Hey Ho! some you win some you don’t.

Nevertheless our visitors seemed to enjoy a wander around the wonderful gardens, which were only just showing signs of Autumn mainly because of the loss of blooms from 2 weeks ago which were astounding! …..VIEW HERE…. 

Josh impressed us again with his computer know how. He managed to log in to his account that he set up on their last visit on our Chromebook computer.

He also managed to set up a website using!

We should encourage him in these interests and abilities. At 8 it sems aamazing to me.

Isabelle, the “artist in ascendency, created two more abstract works of art as in the Gallery – now pinned to our fridge.


Most of the photos were Karen’s as I felt off colour and lacking the energy for such pursuits.

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