Senior Family Meeting in Oxford Saturday 10 June 2017

Alan and Judy were on their bi-annual European tour and staying in Oxford before flying home to Tucson, Arizona, the next day.

Olive had arranged for us all to meet for lunch at Pierre Victoire restaurant in Oxford.

Karen was unable to go due to University teaching commitments of a remote  student studying congregation.

The arriving by Micheal’s car from A & J’s hotel ran into parking difficulties due to parking meters not accepting the latest change in UK currency.

I missed my pre-booked train due to arriving at New Street staion (Birmingham) without my phone and ticket information.

We eventually assembled at around 2pm at this very authentic French restaurant.

There was much to talk about as we last met in Bourton on the Water two years ago.

Below is a photo of us taken then.

But mainly the topics centred around current fiascos surround new US President Donald Trump and equally bizarre mismanagement of the UK Government’s snap general election which left the Government in a much weaker position to negotiate Brexit than it was before contrary to PM Teresa May’s intention!

The meal was very good – three courses of well presented food plus wine and coffee amounting to just £90 for all five of us! We retired happy but pleasantly unbloated.

Michael had to re-park his car which took an age! So, on his return I had run out of time and had to leave for my return train.

Below is a gallery of photos taken – the first photo was taken at our last meeting in Bourton on 28 May 2015.

For the benefit of the younger generations, here is a key to who the people are:

  1. Me – father of Katherine, Jonathan, Richard and Charlotte.
  2. Karen – my wife
  3. Alan – my brother
  4. Judy – his wife
  5. Michael – Olive’s son
  6. Olive – my sister

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