Sunday 03 July 2016 at Geoff & Karen’s

The gathering was a jolly occasion. I seem to hit it off with Dandan today as we teased eachother time and time again into more daring confrontations!

Baby Mila seems to be becoming more aware and smiling  when provoked (see photos below).

At lunch, Dandan stubbornly refused to eat my main course of Spaghetti Bolognese because it had spaghetti rather than rice!?? Oh dear! But never mind I and others enjoyed it! There’s no accounting for kids likes and moods on the day. No problem!

Paula’s auntie Natalia, visiting  from Portugal, joined us and seem to enjoy the Polish sausage hors d’oeuvre and Bolognese.

After lunch we went for a short walk around the canal towpaths surrounding our apartment buildings. Then ended up for photo shots in or courtyard.

Below is a Gallery of Photos I took on the day.


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The following two photos were taken by Paula (and edited by me – can’t help meddling!).


Small man in a big world