Sunday 12 February 2017 at Rich & Paula’s

Being a dull and wet mid-winter day the visit was spent entirely indoors – no walk to follow a hearty lunch. Paula spoiled us with a lovely spread of Stroganoff then even more so with splendidly wicked rich chocolate puddings à la Nigella Lawson.

Karen and I were amazed how much Mila had progressed since we last saw her on 3rd December. She is now a very aware,  responsive, outgoing and happy little girl rather than a baby.

Below is a Gallery of Photos taken on the day.

As can be seen, at first Mila was a little camera and people shy, but soon relaxed and joined in the fun.  I managed to appear in them (a rarity) helped by Dandan using Paula’s phone to take one of Karen and I (the final one in the Gallery). Dandan enjoyed the photography more than he usually does – we’ll have to encourage his sudden interest in taking and posing for photos.


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