Sunday 16 June 2019 at Geoff & Karen’s – Charlie, Michael, Wendy, Josh, Isabelle, Karen and Geoff

Lunch was cooked by Geoff and was the now-customary (easier for G) – hors d’ouvre  FOCACIOS – then G’s speciality for main course SPAGHETTI BOLOGNAISE  (the children’s’ favourite and usually appreciated by grown-ups as well, I hope?)

At the end of a very wet week, we were lucky to be able to walk out and about in quite sunny weather. A visit to Legoland shop is always attractive to children and as you can see below they did enjoy it.

Then we did a tour of the revamped Centenary Square, still in progress and disarray even after a multi-month delay and an indication that it will open in July. What a waste of money!…There was nothing wrong with the original which had a paddling pond/statue much enjoyed by children.

Josh impressed us with his computer know how. He managed to turn on the Wi-Fi connection on our Chromebook computer then set up an account for himself! Impressive as can be gleamed from his concentrated expression in the Gallery below.

Isabelle being younger, concentrated on deep questioning of myself when I was trying to finalise the cooking of the lunch 😆.
She also created an abstract work of art as in the Gallery – Santa Clause she called it.
She also loved to create small characters in the Logoland shop nearby.


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