Sunday 18 June 2017 at Charlie and Michael’s


Michael was having to work and so Mel and Shannon weren’t there.

The weather was really sunny and very hot so it was an afternoon in the garden.

A lovely roast chicken lunch was served by Charlie in the garden.

Then it was time for Summer Garden antics.

Firstly I had to be hero and retrieve a paddling pool, no two, from the shed – somewhat overgrown with foliage and suspected to house giant spiders.

Not being an arachnophobic (until now when I may be converted), I put on a brave face and invaded the shed – actually  I thought it wiser and safer to stand in the doorway  and pull the pools out – not easy as they were entangled with goodness knows what…I certainly didn’t know.

The first one I managed to extract was rejected, I don’t recall why.

So, I went in with my arms again fearing an angry spider revolt and attack at my invasion.

With a deal of tugging the second pool was rescued and I gave it a good shake to free it of the dreaded spiders. Surprisingly I didn’t see any evacuees.

I left the cleaning of the pool up to Charlie and the children and assumed my preferred photographer role.

Soon the pool was inflated and filled with water from a hosepipe – for which Josh, predictably, tried out all possible uses!

Much jollity was had in the paddling pool.

Later I helped Isabelle (or visa versa) do a jigsaw. I was amazed how good she was at fitting the pieces together – what a skill she has at age 3.1/2!

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