Sunday 19 January 2020 at the Crown Codsall then at Wendy’s

Wendy organised a family lunch at The Crown Joules pub in Codsall.

We chose main courses in advance to help the pub deal with the influx of 15 people all aiming to eat at 1pm or shortly thereafter.

Well, we, the customers, more or less honoured our side of the bargain arriving in good time. Unfortunately the staff had been placed in a position by their management not to  deliver on their’s too well. Nevertheless all was well in the end 👍😂.

As usual getting the whole family together was a very enjoyable occasion which everyone seemed excited about.
Plenty of time for chat and the children to enjoy themselves playing together.

After,  we all were invited to  Wendy’s for soft drinks.

Many thanks to Wendy for arranging this event and entertaining us at her house afterwards when there was very exuberant play by the children and boisterous chat from the grown ups – mainly the women folk, of course!

Below is a Gallery of Photos taken on the day.

Unfortunately the SD card used in my camera disintegrated on removal so my photos are lost, I’m afraid.
Fortunately, Rich took a few which I’ve edited and presented below in the gallery.
Alas, as the man behind the camera, he doesn’t appear 😒.

If anyone has other photos I can add please contact me.

We surely must arrange another get together in the Spring at which I can take photos and include them in this important historical record website of the family as time passes by.
It is particularly interesting to see the children develop!
If anyone has any ideas….let us know 👍.


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