Sunday 23 August 2015 Caine Family Get Together at Katherine & Mike’s

This Caine family get together was kindly arranged and hosted by Katherine and Mike. Many thanks to them for their super hospitality.

We were forewarned by Mike he would be late as he was training for a charity cycle between Italy and Geneva, but he did eventually arrive visibly none the worse for his 80 mile cycle!

Rich was Le Chef Cuisinier at the BBQ ably assisted by Michael. Very many thanks to them as, beyond the call of duty, they stood out in the inevitable British rain to complete the cooking.

The weather was bright but overclouded and warm to start with. Then as soon as we sat down in the garden to eat the fruits of the BBQ the rain started! So a mad dash inside with the food ensued and that’s where we remained for a couple of hours. Then out came the sun again and into the garden we went for group photos including some displays of high spirits by the children.

Present were:

Geoff Caine (me) – Grandad with wife Karen

Wendy Caine – Grandmother

Katherine & Mike Higgins with children Ellie & William

Jonathan Caine with children Sam and Henry

Richard Caine & wife Paula with son Dandan

Charlie and Michael Rushton with children Bethany, Josh & Isabelle

My sister Olive Leche with son Stuart.

In the featured image shown above I am in the middle with the sun shining on my (not totally) bald head. It was so bright it burnt out the area to irrecoverable white – I can categorically state I have not got a white area of hair there nor a halo as Katherine has suggested! (Who the hell placed me there in the only patch where the sun shone through the plants!)

Below is a gallery of photos the event taken by me.

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