Sunday 24 April 2016 at Charlie and Michael’s

Most of the family were there except Shannon (pity!).

Great day with Josh and Isabelle starring and Bethany and Mel observing coolly as teenagers do of course!

Mel is growing so fast I’ll  have to bring a step ladder next time to remain superior!

Josh has always been handsome but now Isabelle is very gorgeous too.

Bethany is a lovely classic serene looking girl while Mel has now assumed a pretty and sophisticated young lady appearance. Both are very attractive young girls!

After lunch we went to the local park to try out Mel’s birthday helicopter. After a dodgy start, Michael and Mel managed to control  the beast in spite of a strong westerly breeze which dictated the flight path! Very successful, nevertheless.

Ages: Bethany and Mel turned 13 earlier this year. Josh is 4 years 9 months and Isabelle is 2 years 8 months.

Below is the usual gallery of photos.

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