Sunday 4 March 2018 at Rich and Paula’s


We were supposed to visit R & P on the Saturday but heavy snowfalls overnight added to the previous days of hard frost and snow meant driving was difficult so we postponed until Sunday.

Below are scenes from our living room window (click/tap for a larger view).










Sunday morning and a thaw had been in progress overnight an the roads were navigable, so off we went.The great thaw was continuing from overnight, thank goodness, with intermittent sunshine and showers which melted the snow pretty quickly.

Unfortunately Dandan had a children’s birthday party on the Sunday accompanied by Paula. So Rich deputised as head chef and cooked the lunch. He served the hors D’ouvres to stave off our hunger.

After a while there were noises from upstairs which meant Mila was demanding attention and sustenance.
Having descended to the kitchen she was given food but was not too happy about something and “said so”. The cure was to hand, however, when Rich ran a video of Peppa Pig on a tablet in front of her. The result? Silence through contentment!

Paula and Dandan arrived at about 2pm following an unforeseen delay of proceedings at the party and Rich’s tasty roast lunch was served.

The Ice Monster about to grab the boats.

Dandan was in a good mood and I had some amusing moments with him including a story I had created on my iPad using the snow scenes from our living room of an Ice Monster attempting to drag narrow boats down to its den in the depths of the canal, all of 4 feet down!


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