Sunday 5 December 2021 Charlie and Michael and Family Plus Wendy visit Birmingham guided by Geoff and Karen

It was decided in advance that to all congregate in Karen and Geoff’s apartment was unwise because of the increased possibility of passing on the Covid virus new variant Omicron.

So, we decided to meet at King Edwards Wharf but then wander into the city and take in the festive atmosphere of the Frankfurt Market.

The crowds obviously were huge and we lost members of our party in them several times. We all had large German Frankfurter sausages for lunch apart from Isabell who had chips.

It was a cold day and in the end we had to give up and reassemble in the warmth of the Costa coffee bar in the Symphony Hall/???.

We visited the Chocolate ? and the Craft Market in the Cathedral grounds also.

To view photos:

The photos were taken with an iPhone and not posed so this and the plentiful dressing of people to counteract the low temperature accentuates their stature.