Sunday 6 March 2016 at Charlie & Michael’s

It was Bethany’s 13th birthday and Mother’s Day as well – two good reasons for a family gathering and celebration, although not everyone could make it.

Present were Wendy, Karen, Charlie, Rich, Paula, Jonathan, Bethany, Sam, DanDan, Josh, Henry, Isabelle, Marta (Paula’s cousin) and myself. Marta took the group photo in the gallery below but shied off from being included in it! :>) .

After a pub lunch at the Claregate, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton we congregated at Charlie and Michael’s (he couldn’t join us because he was working – a pity).

The children were in great boisterous form – how lucky they are to create a joyous event just because they are together, running around the house and having great noisy unreserved fun. Bethany, now a teenager, was far more restrained and had much enjoyment from  her presents which she showed to everyone.

After fizzy wine and birthday cake it was everyone out for some fun with a bubble machine and a group photo.

Everyone had a great time!

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Article by Geoff