Sunday 9 July 20117 at Jonathan and Ruth’s

It was a hot sunny day like the previous two weeks or so.  I had fun playing soccer in the garden with the boys and getting very hot!

Ruth and Jonathan cooked a roast pork dinner with roast potatoes and, I think, at least 5 vegetables!

We then drove to close by RAF Cosford RAF and had a walk around a tree laden ravine near Cosford Pool, which it is supposedly to have been formed by a glacier. This is on a farmer’s land and is free for all to visit (not that we saw anyone else there). The path we followed had many strange statues and wooden objects and rock faces worn into strange shapes by water. At the end was a field with an assortment of small animals – geese, ducks, hens and rabbits.

Unfortunately Karen couldn’t make the get together due to a large volume of student submission marking to be completed by the next day.

Below is a Gallery of Photos taken by me on the day.


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