Sunday 9 May 2021 at Rich and Paula’s

It was a small get together to celebrate Mila’s 5th birthday.

Rich supplied afternoon tea, or was it lunch, from his BBQ supplemented with salad items by the ladies?.

Karen was unfortunately having to work again, but the numbers were added to ably by  Paula’s cousin Luisa. 

The weather was fine, sunny and fairly warm and remained dry in spite of building cloud cover as the afternoon progressed.

Dan had fun flying off the garden slide and Mila was more restrained and just climbed on it, very wise!.

Then a notable event was playing football or more accurately Mila and I kicking a ball for Dan to save from an imaginary goal mouth. Fun was had, with the ball seemingly attracted to next door’s garden via holes in the foliage. Dan showed his mountaineering skills by climbing up to and through the hole and back (far beyond the capabilities of the grown ups).

After all the exertion the birthday cake, made by the ladies, was wheeled out for photos. It may not look like a traditional cake – too windy for candles to be added – but a cake under the lovely blond nevertheless.

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My edited photo focused on the people:

Rich and Paula’s photos to make sure they get their rightful credit, showing how good a time we had: